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Posted by EdView360 on Feb 15, 2018

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2018 Velocity Spring Grant

WANTED: Innovative, dynamic K–5 English Language Arts program that individualizes learning while advancing my students to grade-level success . . . Oh, and helps me do more!

Does this sound like a want ad or a wish you’ve had in the past?

Now, it doesn’t have to be a wish, and, truly, no searching is involved. Voyager Sopris Learning® recently announced a grant program that empowers you with exactly what you need to make your ELA program soar.

Starting February 14th, K–5 classroom educators who teach English Language Arts can apply for the 2018 Velocity® Spring Grant. Selected recipients will receive a 12-month license of our revolutionary adaptive solution at no cost.

Velocity transports students to a dynamic and vibrant universe of exciting storylines and engaging characters. While students are immersed in a rich and entertaining learning environment, teachers receive immediate feedback on their progress along with recommendations for interventions. Velocity’s adaptive learning engine powers individualization of instruction—helping teachers extend their reach to each student. 

The grant application process is open NOW but only for a limited time: February 14 –March 31, 2018.

Act now to give your students the help they need to improve their literacy skills, while transforming your classroom into an efficient, adaptive environment where every child has his or her own unique path to success. 

Learn more about Velocity and your eligibility to apply.

“When they [students] are not with me during that individual time, you are always looking for instruction that the kids are going to enjoy and be engaged in independently, but [that] is also going to be quality instruction for them—no down time or wasted time. That is what I get with Velocity.”

—Laura Boothe, Classroom Teacher
Seatack Elementary School
Virginia Beach, VA


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