The REWARDS family of short-term reading and writing intervention materials is specifically designed for adolescent struggling learners in grades 4-12. Developed by award-winning author Dr. Anita Archer, these short-term interventions, consisting of 20-25 lessons, produce long-term literacy achievement.


  • Increases student fluency, vocabulary knowledge, and comprehension skills
  • Increases student success in content-area classes—specifically science and social studies, where advanced reading skills help with understanding concepts and context
  • Provides students practice with the types of questions they are asked on state tests
  • Refines student sentence-writing abilities and the overall sophistication of writing
  • Effectively helps all struggling readers, whether they are English language learners, students with reading disabilities, or those who have simply fallen behind
  • Explicit and systematic support for teachers



What I Love about REWARDS

Katie Benning, Master Reading Teacher, talks about why REWARDS works in her classroom at Jerry Zucker Middle School in North Charleston, SC, and how her students vastly improved capacity for breaking down multisyllabic words and words they don’t know.

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Validated by independent research, REWARDS is a powerful suite of short-term interventions that yields long-term results. Key features include:

  • Decoding multisyllabic words
  • Identifying and understanding prefixes and suffixes
  • Increasing word and passage fluency
  • Building academic vocabulary
  • Deepening comprehension
  • Building self-confidence in reading
  • Rapid-paced, engaging and explicit instruction for teachers
  • Constant teacher-student interaction
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